PIRTEK Fluid Systems has the largest Service & Supply Network for fluid transfer solutions in Australia with over 97 centres and 350 Mobile Service Units in key locations around the country. PIRTEK also operates in the United Kingdom, Africa, North America, Asia and New Zealand, totalling over 330 locations and 1500-plus Mobile Service Units.

The PIRTEK product spectrum has developed from a hydraulic-focused range in the 1980s to a comprehensive mix today which also caters to the industrial rubber, PVC, thermoplastic and specialist hoses markets. Due to PIRTEK’s integration into a more diverse product range, customers can now source their entire fluid power, industrial and specialist hoses, fittings and accessories from their PIRTEK Hose Centre.

PIRTEK has partnered with PCFA to raise awareness of prostate cancer through various means. PIRTEK's reach to the predominantly male industrial marketplace provides substantial opportunities to leverage PCFA's message to the organisation’s staff, customers, suppliers and sponsorship associations.

The key objectives of the partnership with PCFA is to raise funds and awareness. PIRTEK each year hosts Australia's biggest national one-day fishing competition. Over 8,000 anglers participate each year in March in the 'catch and release' competition – mums, dads, kids and grandparents, making the event a one-day fishing challenge unlike any other competition. The Pirtek Fishing Challenge supports PCFA and Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit. For more information go to Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2016.

The other significant area of the partnership is PIRTEK's commitment to raise awareness of prostate cancer through not only their own staff, but also to the people involved with the PIRTEK business on a daily basis.