13 - 20 Oct 2017

The Long Ride founder, Chris Dunne, says that The Long Ride is designed to encourage you to do something totally different in your life. It is about life on the road, meeting new people, and exploring yourself as you do something you love to do - ride your motorcycle.

The Long Ride 2017 is going to Tasmania. The dates for the Long Ride 2017 is 13 October to 20 October 2017. The Spirit of Tasmania is supporting the Long Ride 2017 and has opened a special booking site just for riders participating in the Long Ride 2017. Please note that protected space for participants of the Long RideTM will cease on the 1 August 2017.

Members of The Long Ride are encouraged to raise at least $1000 per rider, to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

So if you want a challenge, to do something different, if you want to make a contribution to the community, then join The Long Ride and visit places you have never been, make new friends and above all make a difference.

For more information please either visit the website http://www.freewebs.com/longride2010/ or contact Cass Robertson at PCFA on 02 9438 7050.


The Long Ride 2016 Pic 1

The Long Ride 2016 Pic 2