By the time they detected Paul's cancer, it had already spread beyond his prostate.

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When Paul got his prostate cancer diagnosis, he was shocked. He had no symptoms, no family history and age was on his side – he had only just turned 50.

Little did he know, the worst was yet to come. Paul has been told his cancer may have already escaped his prostate area. If it spreads to his bones, there's no way to cure it.

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When prostate cancer cells get into a man's bones, they become 'invisible' to the body's immune system – and start to grow unchecked. 

With your help, one of the world's most promising young prostate cancer researchers, Dr Katie Owen, will soon start work on a ground-breaking research project, investigating new ways to detect prostate cancer cells and stop them from spreading to the bone.

Her findings could help more men like Paul survive and your support will be key to making it happen.

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