Agreeing to be tested for prostate cancer is an important decision because the test result can be life-changing.

If you have concerns about your prostate or testing for prostate cancer, talking with others about these concerns can be useful. If you have a partner, talking with them can help you work out what you may need to do.

You can learn a lot from talking with people who have gone through a similar situation. If you have a male relative or friend who has been tested for, or who has had prostate cancer, it may help to chat to him if he’s willing. However, it’s also important to remember that every situation is different, so what he experienced may not be what you’ll experience.

If you are uncomfortable talking to someone you know, there are organisations that can give you more information. Some of these organisations are listed in the following section.


Ejaculation can cause an increase in PSA in the blood. It is recommended that men do not ejaculate for 48 hours before a PSA test to make sure the result is accurate. Also, manipulation of the prostate through a DRE, or other forms of prostate stimulation during sex, can cause the PSA to rise. These activities should be avoided before a PSA test.