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16 March 2020


As I write, the world is facing a situation unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime.

Like all Australians, we are concerned about the escalating impacts of COVID-19 on the community.

Beyond the sudden and tragic loss of life, the economic and social impacts will have far-reaching implications for all of us, imposing additional hardship on the significant number of families in our community who are also facing cancer, chronic disease, illness, and disadvantage.

They need us now more than ever. We stand ready to support them – and you.

Men affected by prostate cancer are especially vulnerable to illnesses like this, and their families will be at a higher than average risk of distress and possible hardship.

Here’s what we are doing:

1. Anyone in our community who needs help can call us on 1800 22 00 99 or email We will dedicate all available resources to helping you.

2. We will continue to ensure our Nurses are working to help fight this pandemic, while maintaining support for men and families impacted by prostate cancer.

3. We will activate online support as much as possible via our Online Community.

4. We will call on all levels of Government to help us support you and others who are impacted by this, in every way possible using every means we have.

5. We will continue to advocate for Australian-based research to improve the health of all Australians. If there was ever a reminder of the important role that research plays in our lives, this is it.

If you need us – we are here.

Yours sincerely,


Professor Jeff Dunn AO

Chief Executive Officer

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia