Our strongest defences failed to diagnose Tony’s cancer before it spread throughout his body and nearly took his life.

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Like most men, Tony had never given his prostate much thought. Then, in late 2018, he started having trouble urinating.

A PSA test, digital rectal exam and CT scan all failed to find the cause. Tony was referred to a specialist who immediately ordered more tests and was shocked by what they found.

Tony had stage IV prostate cancer that had spread to his lymph system, through his pelvis, bladder and into his spine.

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Without better ways of detecting prostate cancer early, men will continue to suffer in order to survive. But there is hope.

A recent clinical trial, funded by generous Australians like you, achieved a 92% accuracy in detecting prostate cancer that has spread – this is a significant improvement on the 65% currently achieved with standard imaging.

It’s truly a ground-breaking discovery that will save thousands of lives.

But, with many of our major fundraising events cancelled, our research funding has been dealt a significant blow.

Without your help today, we will be unable to invest in life-saving projects to help men like Tony beat this disease.

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