Gary Conyers is a man who knows how precious each day is…

"Without research, I wouldn't be here today. Not only am I alive, but I'm able to live life to the fullest."

It's funding from the support of our donors that enables vital research to ensure our fathers, sons, mates and grandchildren, can share life's moments that really matter.

Just like Gary.


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Gary's Story

Gary Armidale Alone

Ten years ago Gary was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With no symptoms, his first reaction at his doctor's surgery was: "Mate, you got the results mixed up there's nothing wrong with me."

A Vietnam Veteran, Gary exudes both courage and positivity. News that his prostate cancer had metastasized, spreading outside the prostate with tumours growing throughout his body was devastating news for Gary and his family, but he was determined to fight on.

Once, this would have meant a very grim outcome, but research has delivered new life-extending drugs that have given men like Gary the opportunity to live longer and share precious times with family - moments that really matter.


In the lab and in life, time is precious

One of Gary's deepest wishes was to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. And he did, thanks to research. Gary admits he shed a few tears during the moments he stood proudly beside his daughter "My daughter's wedding day was really beautiful, I'm so grateful to have been there to share it with her."

Family Wedding Day


Every minute is precious and filled with possibility

This wonderful day was followed by many more magical moments for Gary and his family. "I’m just so lucky to have been here to see three more grandchildren born. I'm very grateful to know all of my amazing grandkids.'

Gary knows how much time matters, and cherishes every minute, from chasing his grandchildren around the backyard to indulging his passion for vintage cars. "It's about enjoying your life, and enjoying your kids, and seeing your grandkids grow up," he says. "Being involved in their life, and chuckling at the funny things the little ones do."

Gary Armidale Next To His Car

As he watches them grow, Gary acknowledges that without research he and his grandchildren would never have known each other: "It's a very sad thought," he shares. "Without research, I wouldn't be here today. Not only am I alive, but I'm able to live life to the fullest."


Grandkids And Boat



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