Process required for the review of new publications

PCFA regularly receives requests from health and allied health professionals and consumers to endorse their publications and in principle, PCFA does not generally endorse publications unless the publication has been commissioned by PCFA and/or the submitted publication contributes something new and unique to the evidence based literature on prostate cancer.

Generally, our process for review of new publications can take up to three months to allow time for our multidisciplinary expert panel (PCFA's Publications’ Committee) to undertake this review. Our multidisciplinary panel consists of a range of health and allied health professionals with expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of prostate cancer. This includes expertise in both medical and psychosocial aspects of diagnosis, treatment and management.

We have very few endorsed publications, which make up part of our library/resource kit for PCFA affiliated support groups.  Endorsed publications go through a rigorous process of review and need to meet the following criteria:

  1. The publication under review is based on current scientific and expert clinical evidence regarding diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate cancer, where reference in the publication is made to diagnostic tools and treatment and management options
  2. The publication under review accurately documents and acknowledges sources of credible evidence from the scientific research literature to support positions and statements advocated by the author(s) of the publication
  3. The publication under review is not in conflict with PCFA’s current  policy position on various aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate cancer
  4. The publication under review does not provide medical advice, unless the author(s) is a qualified and registered member of their profession and recognised expert in their field of work and the advice is supported by current scientific literature
  5. Having met criteria 1 - 4, the publication under review constitutes a new and unique contribution to the prostate cancer literature, which will be of benefit to those affected by prostate cancer.