Our group began in 2000 as an initiative of foundation members, the late Bob Slade and the late Dr Tom Leckie. In 2010 Bob Slade was awarded a Max Gardner Medal for his work in Bathurst. Dr John Trollor was President of the group for five years to February 2016. In 2014 Dr Trollor was awarded a Max Gardner Medal for his work with Bathurst Group.



Our activities include:

Raising awareness. This is especially important in rural areas where men fare less well than their city cousins with prostate cancer.

We encourage men to take charge of their health care, becoming informed and engage their doctor on that basis. We actively seek to talk to men and women in local clubs, associations and businesses. Every opportunity is taken to get the message out in local media.

Support - for men and their families – one to one chats over tea before meetings and at social occasions – ongoing contact at other times with men and families particularly from surrounding areas who may not be able to get to our meetings.

The Role of Women – Prostate cancer involves the whole family. It follows that women are very important to our group and encouraged to attend and actively participate on every occasion. Currently women who are on our executive are involved in supporting the partners of men with prostate cancer.

Providing information - in the form of leaflets, books and DVD’s which are kept in our library in Daffodil Cottage, the Oncology centre of Bathurst Hospital. These are freely handed out for loan along with our group information.

Guest speakers about prostate cancer and life – some of the best talks have been from members themselves relating their experience.

Social outings – get togethers to get to know one another in a different setting which forms a bond of understanding and support.



We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5pm in the Macquarie Room at Bathurst Panthers, Piper Street, Bathurst, often with a guest speaker. There's opportunity to stay for a meal after the meeting.

Location of Meeting

Bathurst Panthers Club
Piper Street
Bathurst NSW 2795


Keith Painter Group Leader
0447 186 390

Tony Sutton Treasurer
0407 336 020