Where jobs are advertised

Vacancies may be advertised on PCFA’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on Seek, online job boards, relevant journals and websites including LinkedIn for specialist roles.


Applying for a job

Once you have found a position you are interested in applying for, forward your resume and a covering letter addressing the selection criteria to the contact email on the advertisement. You are welcome to ring our Free Call Number should you have specific questions about the role and you will be put through to our HR Manager.



The first stage of the selection process involves an interview with the short-listed candidates. This interview will generally involve a panel which will include the line manager and HR Manager. For more senior roles, CEO or a Board Member would also be involved.

All short listed candidates will be given a copy of the Position Description. For specialist roles, there may also be an initial phone interview to screen applicants.

The questions you will be asked at the interview will be specific to the position you have applied for. As well as technical questions, you will also be asked competency based interview questions. With these you will be asked to provide the interview panel with specific examples of how you have demonstrated select competencies in previous roles as they relate to the advertised position. Some interviews will also include a scenario, role play or presentation to assist the panel to determine how you would perform in a situation relevant to the position.

Preferred candidates for specialist and senior roles could be invited to a second interview as they progress through the recruitment process.

We believe in quality candidate care and you will be kept informed throughout the process and be encouraged to ask questions to learn more about the role and the organisation.


Decision making process

The panel will finalise their choice of the preferred candidate by using the results from the candidates’ written application and interview performance.

Before progressing to reference checks, a detailed assessment of all interviewees is undertaken and the preferred candidate is determined based on their overall suitability due to their greater level of experience, skills and knowledge they bring to the role and the cultural fit with PCFA

Detailed reference checks of the preferred candidate complete the decision making stage of the selection process.


Successful candidates

Once the reference checks are vetted by the panel, a verbal offer will be made to the preferred candidate. Following this, a formal letter of engagement will be issued outlining all details and terms & conditions of employment. The HR Manager will also keep in touch with the successful candidate throughout the process to confirm start date and commence the onboarding program.


Unsuccessful candidates

All candidates will be advised via email when their application has not been shortlisted for the position.

Shortlisted candidates who have attended interviews but have not been successful in obtaining the position will be advised personally over the phone by the HR Manager and feedback may be shared as appropriate.

This step is undertaken following the acceptance of the offer by the successful candidate.